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Weddingwire is a complete and utter joke. First of all, I rarely keep up with my account, because it never generated much business anyway. A few weeks ago, I come to find out, my sibling (who was mad at me for a personal disagreement) decided to start harassing me, and excessively slander my business over several different forms of social media. He did it to me, my contracted employee, AND my clients. When he went to weddingwire and spewed... Read more

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Weddingwire's forums are a breeding ground for cranky, self righteous and rude women. They claim that they are just being blunt and honest but maybe I'm the only one that had a mother to teach me how to properly speak to others. Even behind a computer screen. I just find that anyone who says anything about being a Christian is viewed as judgemental. If you dare to want to do anything that the "community" deems as wrong they will jump all... Read more

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I have a custom shoe and handbag design company. We decided to sign up for the premium plan with Weddingwire in two cities. We were put in the apparel category. In three months we have had 4 inquiries all about bridal dresses which we do not sell. I have called Weddingwire and spoke to 3 people all of which have different reasons why we are doing so poorly. One said we do not expect things to pick up until "engagement season" that begins around... Read more

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I got an account from Weddingwire, and at first got a few ligitimate inquiries, so I thought I had made a good choice. So wrong!! After the smattering of seemingly legitimate inquiries, I soon started getting inquiries that only gave an email address, and always asked for the exact same information. Are you available for this date? What are your rates? These "inquiries" we're all through the Weddingwire interface. I listed my rates on the... Read more

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This company fooled me into getting involved in the photographers list for $108 a month telling me that if i don't like it I have 6 months to come out. Of course nothing happens (there sre more then 250 victims like me waiting for the few costumers thay get) and when you wanna come out they tell you NO you must pay for 6 months then you can come out . UNBELIEVABLE. PURE HAYWAY ROBERY

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Beware, most of the reviews on their for South Florida makeup and hair are put their by their friends. Best advise is to get referrals or find your own artist. Fraud all the way around and Wedding Wire don't even check to make sure they are real. Do your research it's your money. The reason I know is that one of my friends would get reviews from her family, friends and has over 50 reviews that are not real. Most of the makeup artist in Miami... Read more

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At the time of my event Emily worked for Emily's Events in Worthington. She signed a contract 12/1/14 and asked for a $300 deposit which she deposited in her bank. Emily after confirming her day of duties did not respond or show up. Those duties included flowers for ceremony, sign in picture matte, directing guests to the banquet room. She was to verify vendors arrival time, watch the kids and help them as needed. Assemble the center pieces,... Read more

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I find the planning tools very helpful but have been less than pleased with the open forum. There seems to be a lot of negative comments and a few vendors that have run a muck with snarky comments. There is a lot of "know it alls" that really know nothing. The demographic is for the 30 and under crowd and because of the ages of the members, their life experiences lead to very bad advise. It's like a mean girl clique in high school. WW allows... Read more

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Jamie came out to Piedmont Park to shoot some maternity pictures. She was very patient with us and extremely professional. Our phones died so many times and she never became frustrated with us. The photos came out to be very beautiful. She was very creative in finding a place to do the shoot since there was a festival going on. I am very satisfied with Jamie and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again! She was extremely pleasant do work with... Read more

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My regional contact promised I would get close to 50 views per region. I got around 3. Tons of scams and people contacting you to buy things, or trying to book you for a wedding, and after 10 emails all of a sudden they are asking you to transfer money for them. Not worth the time, especially when they lock you into a contract. They are right there for you when you sign up, but if things aren't working you're just out of luck. Even if they... Read more

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