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I find the planning tools very helpful but have been less than pleased with the open forum.

There seems to be a lot of negative comments and a few vendors that have run a muck with snarky comments.

There is a lot of "know it alls" that really know nothing. The demographic is for the 30 and under crowd and because of the ages of the members, their life experiences lead to very bad advise.

It's like a mean girl clique in high school.

WW allows bullying and hijacking of posts. I thought it would be a supportive group of ladies and it turns out its just about being as ugly as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Weddingwire Marketplace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I made sure that I did my due diligence and made complaints to anyone that has ears. This was horrible.

I used to lurk there and I finally had enough where a member shared her wedding pictures to share with everyone and the power puff girls with Sesame Street personas had a field day. I came in to defend her and others getting bullied to the point of stating that "They feel depressed" and I got flagged because the power puff girls felt the need to do so. Weddingwire obviously condones this behavior because they answer complaints by simply saying "They followed guidelines".

They allow these girls to run a muck and it is blatant and terrorizing to people that are going there for support and advice. This is cyber bullying at it's finest and weddingwire supports it to keep traffic coming to their site.

to Queen Coco #1403675

I am glad to hear I am not the only one feeling this way. I also lurked for awhile to get ideas about my wedding and some basic tips.

I can not believe the behavior I have seen on there. They can tear down anyone to make them feel like any idea that doesn't match theirs is the worst idea ever.

Yesterday seeing the way they talked about other brides in another thread was the breaking point.

I love the features of wedding wire but the forum is exactly as your describe it Queen Coco. Thank you for making me feel a bit better about what I experienced.

to Anonymous 1 #1403707

No problem. I was so angry that I made sure that I made reviews everywhere I can so other people would not have to undergo this treatment.

I was lurking and had to jump in. Its cyber bullying. I dont care if they are strangers.

Its wrong! Weddingwire seems to love them and condones these blatant and disgusting behaviors.


That is exactly my experience too.

Blauvelt, New York, United States #1220274

I couldn't agree more!

Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan #1189141

You are SO right! I am slowly deciding to just shut my stuff down forum-wise.

Very few people are mature enough to answer with class.

People bully and spew lots of hate towards fellow brides. I'm sick of it.

to Anonymous #1207761

I just saw you posted from Fujisawa! I just moved from Yokosuka!

I started on that hateful WW months ago when we were first engaged (he proposed in Yokohama). I agree 100%. No one knows class and maturity on that page- or at least the loud, popular ones don't!

That whole "we are a community" ***? Please...

Amalia, New Mexico, United States #1183400

I dealt with bullying on that site last year. I'm a male and I was dealing with anxiety issues over wedding planning with then fiancee(now wife) and also issues trying to get my side of the family involved.

I made a thread there asking for advice and suggestions and I was bullied right away by many posters. They were vicious towards me because I mentioned having a close relationship with my side of the family and I also mentioned wanting my sister to be my best woman. Many posted memes to make fun of me and then there were a few who said "that I wanted to sleep with my sister and I should marry her". I considered those particular comments to be bullying.

I flagged/reported those comments. Eventually the thread was hidden by the admins after other posters flagged it. I also emailed one moderator/former paid employee Katie about the bullying. Right after my thread was hidden by admins, one popular poster posted a thread to make fun of me and that thread was closed down right away.

The next day I received an email from Katie in which she said that I abused the flagging system.

I had previously pointed out that many of the comments were inappropriate. In her email to me, Katie said that I wasn't being bullied and that she only deals with my bullying when she sees it happening(her words). I emailed her again and pointed out the *** comments and I never heard back from her. Over the next several months, I observed Katie's actions within the WeddingWire forums.

She appeared to have developed close friendships with many posters. I think that caused her to protect bullying posters. Also, Katie made a thread once to discuss her brother(who has Asperger's) being bullied in college. It made me upset that she basically wanted everyone to feel sorry for her brother, yet she had previously dismissed the bullying I endured due to her friends.

Also, the poster who previously made a thread making fun of me, said that she would go and destroy the lives of the people bullying Katie's brother. The big problem with WW then and even now is that they feel it's perfectly fine for people to be bullied in certain situations, but it's not ok if it's WW employee's special needs brother.

I found out a few months that Katie is no longer employed by WeddingWire and I heard she was terminated. I would not be surprised if higher ups at WeddingWire found out about her lack of response in dealing with flagging reports.

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