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I personally, am very unhappy with the services provided by I feel I was duped into signing up for an advertising contract with They are an online wedding site that caters to bride's and grooms, as well as wedding vendors. After 6 months, and $700+, I have received almost no leads from them. They claim they have all this traffic that you will get to your site if you join. I have gotten 3 "inquiries" from them, and then no response back from these supposed inquirers, (which I now believe were possibly faked). I get over 20 inquiries a week from other listing advertising sites, and when I send people information and then a subsequent follow up email, I usually always hear something back like, "your too expensive," or "we need time to think about it," or "we choose someone else." These three leads from weddingwire? I never heard a thing, which is why I believe they were fake. Also, these three inquiries had nothing more for info than an email address. If you contact me through my site, it requires you to give me atleast 10 different fields of info about your event to even make an inquiry. How is it that weddingwire's inquiries contain so little info?

I am really pissed because on top of getting no traffic from them, I never actually signed any contract with them and now they say I have 6 months left on my advertising agreement. I never received any terms of the agreement until I tried to cancel, and never signed a contract.

I have found hundreds of angry vendors, on plenty of other sites who all feel they were deceived by this company, on so many levels.

They set up their site to look like brides actively use this site, and review vendors on the regular, when in reality, it is the vendors that keep the site flush with reviews. Weddingwire encourages you to send reviewers to the site, so that you can win awards from them, and build your brand. Looking back at it now, I realize if I had not pushed my clients to write reviews on this site, then I probably wouldn't even have any reviews. Which makes me wonder about all the reviews of other businesses. It is businesses sending their clients to review them. Not weddingwire having legions of brides on their site wanting to write reviews. When they are selling you on joining, they give you the perception that people are actively reviewing vendors all the time, on their own, and that their is all this traffic on the site. All the traffic is created by the vendors sending people there. I don't think anyone hires a vendor off weddingwire.

Part of the deception is they even give you tools to bug the heck out of your past clients to review you on the site, and then offer your clients gifts to review other vendors they used on the site. This seems deceptive to me. If the vendors didn't send their clients, I don't think they would have 10% of the reviews that are on their site. It is evident to me that weddingwire is just an advertising machine ripping off vendors of their hard earned money.

Review about: Weddingwire Leads.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #1198821

have had the exact same experience which is how I ended up looking up other vendor reviews to see if I am the only one! I have gotten so many "leads" and not one thing to show for it!! Thank you for your review!

Miami, Florida, United States #952042

What other sites are you listed on where you are getting better traffic? Maybe I should be there too.

Naples, Florida, United States #914393

Does anyone have any advise? I am a newbie to the industry and I need to start getting some more clients.

I am located in Naples, FL and as a lot of the brides here are destination brides, I though the best way to reach them was through Weddingwire but after paying for a year of service, I have only ever received 1 inquiry (which did not lead to a booking). Does anyone have any suggestions that they would share? Hotels here seem to already have a 'deal' with other planners (where they get a commission) so they are virtually impossible to get in with. I don't have a huge budget, so where do get my first few clients from?

From there I am confident, I will get referrals. Please help, wedding wire did nothing for me.

to loops #914447

Get yourself a website that you can design/tweak yourself. Make it stunning, articulate, and easy to navigate.

Then work everyday on your search engine optimization (SEO). I reccomebd getting a book like "SEO For Dummies" readit cover to cover and tweak your website as you go along.

Get your business on page 1 of Google and bing and you will have more business than you know what to do with. After that make sure you over deliver on your services!


I just re-signed with WW before actually taking time to review their practices. Shame on me.

I had upwards of 20 "inquiries" over the last year and NOT ONE ever responded. Fake leads? I think so. Now I'm stuck in a contract with them for the next year, but rest assured, I will not be re-upping in 2014.

I'm of the mindset that WW scams vendors into signing up with them for the sole purpose of feeding traffic (and search results) to their own website. Just about anything searched for in regards to weddings comes back with the WW site as #1.


I think wedding wire is a joke... They do not care about the vendors I was told the man who started the company even said this...

All free listings are now gone in Memphis and Nashville... Bye bye wedding wire my money no more will you get

Pinole, California, United States #641025

If they leave the name of the venue, call the venue and verify they are having their wedding there. If they don't then call the phone number and speak to the person to get that info.

For some reason I get all Southern Cali numbers from most inquiries from WeddingWire but it could just be me.

I will have to agree thou, I think I booked one or two from this place and the rest never get back to me.

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